EVO Gasbag 5D Rechargeable Masturbator Cup SSM-002
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EVO Gasbag 5D Rechargeable Masturbator Cup SSM-002

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tem Type: Masturbators
Brand Name: EVO
Material: Medical silicone, healthy ABS
Size: Diameter93mm*205mm
Model Number: Electric shock sac
Weight: 380g
Vibrate mode: Bullet shock
Waterproof: Surface water
Power supply: USB Charging
Product Features: Narrowing of the vaginal automatic mode

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In our range of sex machines, the following is our top recommendations:


  1.        Automatic Adjustable Multifunctional Sex Machine Dildo

The Automatic and Adjustable Multifunctional Sex Machine Dildo looks like a real machine gun. It is quite easy to adjust and easy to use. Featuring high speed, it has proven to be an incredible device for sex toy users during their intimate moments.


  1.        Sex Machine Gun

The name of this sex machine is as interesting as its features. With an operating power of 40W, it can be easily adjusted. It comes with a wired remote control. However, the best part is one will be able to enjoy his/her convenient position on it and enjoy. One can even set an angle adjustment at 85 degrees.



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